For fuel card users, Midas FMS provides an innovative, cost-effective solution to give you accurate calculations for business and private mileage costs. There are flexible options for repayment of private use, applying mileage rates according to your business rules.

Midas can operate with any fuel card provider and accommodates multiple fuel cards held by any company/driver.

Why should you use fuel cards?

Fuel cards ensure your drivers are never having to lay out the cost of fuelling their vehicles for business. They are an extremely good way of managing fuel spend and minimising administrative time and costs.

However, once you have the fuel spend data, you need to be able to process it effectively. Midas integrates fuelcard transactions with business mileage data, and produces meaningful management information, without human intervention and lots of hard-to-maintain spreadsheets.

Benefit in Kind - By using Midas Mileage Management, accurate, approved business mileage can be demonstrated to HMRC and private mileage costs are separated out for payment by the employee. Benefit in Kind Tax on fuel for fuel card users is NOT then payable by the employee, or the employer on their behalf.

Putting Midas Mileage Management in place provides the checks and controls needed to ensure compliant use.

Midas is flexible and can be configured to fulfil your business requirements